Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"ROADTRIP" A Pilgrimage Outside Athens

Poseidon's Temple
I am not sure Apostle Paul was as lost as the 4 souls in a beat up rental car with the battery on the Tom-Tom/GPS going dead. But, we made it to the beautiful Temple of Poseidon (and maybe the prettiest sunset location ever).

Then a 4 hour drive into the hills to the Temple at Delphi, (so much energy here we forgot to eat, I mean really). The enchanting Hamlet of Galaxidi and a wonderful B&B -  Hotel Gianemede.

The last day was at a magnificent Castle/Acropolis in Corinth that has the most incredible history. You must go, one of the few places you can wander without barriers or guards and recreate what it must have felt like to have Roman soldiers rushing up the walls. "Game of Thrones" realized.  It made me think of my Dad, Lindy Lindroos who was the most intelligent historian I have known, I would have loved to have him as a guide, but thankfully, we had his granddaughter who has his love of history DNA, Greek Mythology, plus some climbing instincts of a mountain goat. Man, I am exhausted.

We all took the Greek god test on-line and Richard turned out to be Poseidon -brother of Zeus and Hades.  Renata -Athena, Eric -Aphrodite, (though I still say Eric is Hermes - and not the designer) and me - I chose Nike. (To Hades with the Quiz) But today it is all about Poseidon, god of the sea, protector of all waters. His weapon is a trident, used to stir up the sea creating waves and storms.  He is also associated with horses, bulls, and earthquakes (Sounds like Richard all right, after a good Greek meal ).  He is second only to Zeus in power among the gods.

What did Richard (I mean Poseidon) mean by forgetting to eat??

The temple of Poseidon was constructed in approximately 440 B.C.  Reminds me of giant Lego pieces.

The Greek Temple of Poseidon is located at Cape Sounion in Attica. This sacred Temple sits dramatically on the coast of the Aegean Sea.

Sunset over the Agean Sea

The story of Poseidon is fascinating and tales of battles at sea and sailors paying homage to Poseidon, the 2nd most powerful God in Greek mythology.  With our Ouzo, Food and Wine consumption I am feeling more like Dionysus. Join us next when I recreate the Corinthians outrage to Paul's letter to not act like children, he may as well have sent it to the group in our car.

Back in the car on our sacred journey - we are now heading to Delphi to consult the Oracle at the Temple of Apollo.  Delphi is situated on the edge of a high cliff on the slopes of Mount Parnassus and in ancient times was considered the center of the Earth - where heaven and earth meet. It is still one of the greatest pilgrimage sites in the world. Will we keep ourselves open to the legendary mysticism one feels when visiting this sacred site?

This mountain sanctuary was the holiest site in ancient Greece. Picture includes the Sanctuary of Apollo and the Sanctuary of Athena - where is Athena now?

Awe Inspiring views.  Eric channeling a runner in the ancient Pythian games at the stadium of Delphi and Richard waxing poetic at the theater of Delphi channeling Aristophanes.  Yes - this was a mystic place.....
 We were here for hours soaking in the legendary magic - the spirit of Zeus' son Apollo is still here

After a long day at the Temple, enjoying the picturesque historic fishing village of Galaxidi on the Gulf of Corinth near ancient Delphi.  A favorite spot for vacationing Greeks.

Our Aegean Diet

Long day for us, I think we must have felt the magic on our sacred journey today because everyone was quietly introspective - well, for a minute or two.

The next day we drove along the coast of the Ionian Sea and stopped in Corinth, where we spent a few hours playing Game of Thrones

Athena brewing up a storm

Hunting for the Temple of Aphrodite, on the hilltops highest point

Ahh!  We found the Temple - Aphrodite with a Hermes bag
A "Cliff" notes version - Acrocorinth was Corinth's fortress throughout its history.  From 657-583BC, Corinth was ruled by the tyrant Kypselos and his descendants. - destroyed by the Roman army in 146 BC, refortified by Julius Cesar in 44 BC and flourished and prospered until the 12 century AD when the fortress fell to the Franks of the Fourth Crusade, the Ottoman Turks conquered the castle in 1458 etc etc. ( don't want to bore you, you had to be there)   
Really was a Game of Thrones!

The Gods are all happy - now it's time for Ouzo!