Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Cliffs of Moher, 3 Sisters & 1 Mad Cow

After 22 days in Ireland, the sisters (Yoly and Mandy) caught up with us to tour the Western Coast. 
We started at the Cliffs of Moher.  (I don't think they knew what they were getting into...)

The signs should keep you away from the edge of those cliffs.... 
....but not for sister Yoly - she is at the end of the cliff trying for that National Geographic shot.
(I don't think she saw the above signs or  maybe she doesn't understand Gaelic)

All along the cliffs cows were grazing - very picturesque!  --In your mind think of Rich singing Oklahoma ..."the cattle are standing like statues..."  and if you know Rich - he was singing very very loud!  I happened to be talking to this beautiful Kerry Cow trying to take a photo of her - look closely at those eyes - she was looking directly at me, I think we made a connection.  Wrong!!!!!   I have never seen a cow act like a bull before - she started to snort swinging snot back and forth with her head rearing along with her back feet.  Oh my God, she is actually MAD at me (personally, I think it was Rich's singing)  -   she started to charge at me, I thought she was going to jump that small fence and force me down the Cliffs of Moher like those signs.....I SCREAMED! and thanked God her udders were so full of milk she could not jump the fence where I had fallen. Hilarious now, scary then.

We decided the only way you can really see the majesty of the Cliffs of Moher is to see if from the other side.  We took a boat out and saw something we couldn't see from the walk above...

....The Bird Hotel

This stand alone rock was full of nesting birds.  There had to be a "No Vacancy" sign somewhere.  
Maybe this is what inspired Hitchcock!

We ended the day with a beautiful sunset over the cliffs....

....and headed over to O'Connor's for some of the best pub food we have had in Ireland!  
Lamb and fresh fish was our diet in Ireland!

On our way to Galway.....

This is a collage of Burren National Park.
The Burren is composed of limestone pavements with cracks/crevices known as "grykes".  The limestones date from 350 million years ago.  The Burren is rich with historical and archaeological sites. There are more than 90 megalithic tombs in the area, portal dolmens, a Celtic high cross in the village of Kilfenora, and a number of ring forts.

The Pot of Gold was waiting for us in  Galway!..............