Sunday, October 20, 2013


Bon jour, Gruss Gott, Allo, Hola, Aloha..

It was a year ago when we returned from a trip to Europe that the "itch" to travel longer than our 2 week vacations began - so we set a goal to start a 3+ year adventure around the globe!  We realized it would take a great deal of effort and planning  to become Nomads, since we had responsibilities such as jobs, a house full of possessions,  a couple cars, and a daughter (who will have to figure things out too).....A plan of action was needed.  Thus, the 9 Steps to Becoming a Nomad was formulated. The last 4 months I have started to post them on Facebook and gave a thumbnail version of each step. You can look in Archives (when I get to it) for the steps in their entirety and if anyone else follows them, good luck and we hope to meet you down the road.

Step 1. Sell the house and most of the stuff in it. Estate Sale, Garage Sale, Rummage Sale, Friends.
Step 2. Buy One-Way tickets to Paris
Step 3. Lose 30 lbs of Excess Baggage, the luggage is heavy enough.
Step 4. Get your Docs in Order, Visas, Passports, Frequent miles points, Int. Drivers Lic.
Step 5. Rent a Furnished Funky Beach Rental when your stuff sells too fast.
Step 6. Quit your Job !! Yay!! No more In-Car-ceration Auto-Biography.
Step 7. Reserve your first 4 Months of Europe in Chateaus, B&B's and condos.
Step 8. Say good by to Family and Friends you may not see for years to come.
Step 9. Get on a Plane and Start a Blog, "Richer for Wandering"