Swine & Dine

                                      Swine and Dine International 

A group of highly dedicated Foodies whose purpose is Gourmet Pigging Out.

To become a member all you need to do is feed Rich and Wanda 2 gloriously delicious meals prepared by you.

Members are then given a scroll of the Commandments of Swine and Dine.
1:   The Best way to compliment a Host is by eating 3rd's.
2:   Reduce the energy usage of Tupperware and Refrigerator openings by finishing         everything.
3:   There is no such thing as "Too much Butter"

Members are also awarded a Murano Glass Pig to honor their achievement of membership.

Charter Members:  Marilyn Wallace, Paul & Linda LaPine, Yoly & Sean Collins, Irene & Armando Manzano, Richard Messina, Tony Tirri, Trevor Lindroos, Eva Davis, Joanie Valentine, Irma Phillips, Renata "Top Chef Champ" Lindroos, Elena Galluzzi  ( & Harpert her Grappa 

Somelier), Liisa Laksy, Aira Rantala.

Swine and Dine member Sean Collins

Swine and Dine member Trevor Lindroos

Top Chef 2013 Champion's winning dish


SAN CLEMENTE SCENE:  A place where music and food are mixed with pleasant results.

San Clemente has quite a few good restaurants - and then some eating and drinking establishments we enjoyed just a bit more!  So, instead of some detailed Faux Critics page of every eating establishment in every town, ( we will leave that to Yelp), here are a few we enjoyed more than once:

Any visit to San Clemente has to have Iva Lee's Southern Restaurant and Hospitality. With a Mint Julep perfected, ( along with other specially made libations) and dishes that include creole, Cajun, and fried chicken, jambalaya and crazy good fresh cornbread. This place feels like a once upscale riverside dinner on the Bayou with tin ceilings and a very cool bar and servers. They have hip cats playing Blues, from Chicago style to Zydeco, friendly and fun - this place is a must.

Also on the list for favorites was The Celler, a wine and beer hangout with a grand piano with several types of musical styles from blues to standards. It has a pretty nice cheese and wine selection and you can get flights or just a whole bottle. The people are smart and friendly - not a bad combination.

Also highly recommended is The Brick, an Italian influenced restaurant with a new take on seasonal offerings.  Fresh new twists on everything from squash to pizza, YUMM.

You also will enjoy a meal at South of Nicks ( high end Mexican), Beach-Fire Grill ( great hangout with appetizers and Music and people watching), The Bagel Shack has just the cool vibe and friendly place for breakfast with excellent bagels.   I vote for Pedro's as far as Mexican take out :-)

Europe: notes need to be transferred to Blog, sorry.

Swine and Dine member Tony Tirri

Swine and Dine member Richard Messina


Dinner at charter Swine and Dine member - Marilyn Wallace


Swine and Dine member Elena Galluzzi hunting for truffles!


Swine and Dine member Liisa Lasky

Swine and Dine member Aira Rantala

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